Urban Psychometrics

You know the role. We know psychometric assessment. Together we can match people with positions to build you the best possible team for your business.

Faster decisions

Helping to speed you up, not slow you down – partnering with Urban Psychometrics can help to streamline your next selection process.

No lock-in contracts

No contracts or set up costs. Use our services as required. As little, or as much, as you need – you only pay for what you need.

Why use Psychometric Assessments?

Ever hired someone who has expertise in a particular area and seemed like a perfect fit on paper, but they can’t keep up with the pace and culture of your business?

Psychometric tests and assessments help you hire the right person for the job by identifying the extent to which a candidate’s personal attributes match those required of the role.

Our assessment process is simple

We simplify the psychometric testing and assessment process, making a usually complicated process very easy.

We partner with you and work as part of your team, freeing you up so you can spend more time on your business.

1. Define

We will take the time to get to know your business and your needs.

2. Select

Based on your requirements we recommend the most suitable assessments.

3. Contact

We will keep you and your candidates fully informed throughout the process.

4. Report

Assessment reports are prepared to the level of detail you would like.

5. Feedback

Both you and your candidates have ready access to a qualified psychologist for feedback.

Breathe easy with our Candidate Care!

Before any assessment is undertaken we contact each candidate to outline a number of important points about the process:

  1. Why each assessment has been chosen and how it relates to the position.
  2. A brief description of each psychometric assessment including the test length and time restrictions.
  3. The importance of completing the assessments in an environment free from distraction.
  4. The ability to detect cheating and faking, and the importance of responding honestly.
  5. How the information will be used in the selection process.
  6. Who to contact for technical support or questions.
  7. The value of receiving psychometric feedback once the selection process is complete.

Message from the founder

Urban Psychometrics is committed to ensuring the highest levels of ethical and professional standards. Only using assessments founded in science and research, our chosen assessments are rigorously tested and researched. Combined with our tailored approach, Urban Psychometrics is able to provide an objective, scientific and fit-for-purpose assessment.

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