Are first impressions important during a recruitment test?

When you are searching for a new job, you are usually focussed on the recruitment test, something that you might not have encountered previously. These tests can come in many different forms and can have a profound effect on the success or failure of your application, which is why most candidates spend a significant amount of time practicing these tests.

First impressions make a difference in your job search

Whilst each type of recruitment test is an essential part of the recruitment phase (since it helps you to find a job that suits your skills and personality), a good first impression can move mountains. You must have heard the old adage that you can’t recover from a bad first impression? Which is why the first impression you give to recruiters must be flawless.

First impressions don’t only include how you portray yourself during your recruitment test and interview to recruiters and hiring personnel however, but also include anyone else you come into contact with at the company. Employees and even customers are a good example where a first impression can have a lasting effect on the result of your interview, because you will be watched the entire time that you are in the building.

As an example, consider how you interact with a hiring manager’s secretary when you first arrive for your recruitment test. What if you see an employee struggling to balance a number of files in their arms, what type of first impression would you make if you got up and helped them? If the team leader sits down to idly chat with you before your interview, it’s worth considering the value of being friendly and respectful, because first impressions always count.

Tips for making a good first impression during your recruitment test

Always be well groomed and dress appropriately for the occasion. Research the company, so you have plenty of background information and can hold a conversation with confidence. Check out senior management on LinkedIn to learn more about the company and their specific roles (particularly the people who will be on the interview panel) and of course, when you arrive for your test and interview, be happy and smile!

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