10 Tips on taking a numerical reasoning test in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth

Are you taking a numerical reasoning test in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth as part of a psychometric assessment? If so, you need to have a good understanding of these tests and perform lots of practice runs before the actual day of your test.

What is a numerical reasoning test?

These tests are often used during a recruitment drive in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney or Perth to assess how well candidates understand and manipulate numerical data. There are no complicated analyses that need to be performed, but you will need high school mathematics to complete the test and it will be based on multi-choice questions, so the correct answer is on the paper!

Usually, a numerical reasoning test in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney is time limited, so you will only have a certain amount of time to answer each question or you will fall behind and not complete the test (between 45 seconds to 2 minutes is normal). This means that you should do all the easiest questions first, leaving the harder questions to last.

10 Tips for answering a numerical reasoning test

  1.    Make sure you read the question carefully and understand what it’s asking.
  2.    Take a calculator with you to the test and know how to use it.
  3.    These are multiple choice questions, so if your answer isn’t on the paper – it’s definitely wrong!
  4.    Calculate the time needed to answer each question and stick to it.
  5.    Don’t make assumptions – all the data you need is on the page, ignore anything else.
  6.    Many questions can be related to one graph or table, so make sure you understand each graph or table fully, don’t jump ahead to the questions.
  7.    Focus on what’s important in the question, what are they asking you to do?
  8.    Check units, currencies or bases and make sure you select the correct answer.
  9.    Use rough paper for your calculations.
  10.  Practice many questions before actually sitting the test.

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