How we help

Benefits that go well beyond the selection process

Urban Psychometrics works seamlessly with your recruitment processes to give you everything you need to make a well-informed decision regarding you next hire. We can also help you leverage the pre employment assessment results for effective on-boarding and development of your people. People are your most valuable asset so start building your best possible team today!

Select for talent

Research shows that psychometric assessments are one of the best predictors of job success. Through pre employment testing, we can help you identify areas of strength and potential concern, allowing you to select the best candidate for the job.

Transition to the role

Following the recruitment test phase, on-boarding new employees and getting them adjusted to a new role quickly and smoothly is crucial to ensuring the success of your business goals. We can help your candidates ease into their new role by providing insights into their behavioural style and how this may impact their performance in the new role.

Develop your people

Help your people understand their personal preferences and how they can work together for maximum effectiveness. We can help you understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses, so that you can maximise workplace initiatives and direct future hires.

Promote your leaders

The future of your business lies in the hands of your leaders. We can help you promote leaders to make sure they have what it takes to inspire and motivate their teams.

Track performance

Benchmarking your top performers can help you hire more like your best. We can also track group performance to direct future hires and inform development needs across your business.

We know that every job and every business is different

Business needs

We work to understand your unique business needs and industry requirements.

Role requirements

We consider the role and candidate best fit profile, as well as the level of skill required to perform the role.

Tailored assessment

We recommend the most suitable assessments and comparison groups to assess against.

Assessment methods to suit your business needs

Online administration

We recognise the need to assess candidates quickly from anywhere within Australia, or indeed the world. Online pre employment assessments offer a number of benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness, efficiency and convenience.


We understand that in some circumstances it may be better to assess candidates face-to-face by one of our qualified administrators. Traditional paper-and-pencil pre employment tests are a popular choice for group based testing and assessment centres.

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