What is mechanical reasoning testing?

Mechanical reasoning testing is generally use during the recruitment phase for engineering or technical jobs. It measures a candidates ability to understand and apply mechanical concepts to solve problems that are inherent in this line of work.

Positions where this type of test is frequently used include train drivers, trades people, firefighters and operation workers; the complexity of the test reflects the job and role on offer. If you are considering using  mechanical reasoning testing for your next recruitment drive, here is a quick overview of these tests.

Overview of mechanical reasoning testing

These tests include a number of mechanical problems that need to be completed within a specific time frame with 30 seconds per question, and are designed so that only 1% or 5% of the candidates are likely to finish on time. Each set of questions is created for a particular role; each question has only one correct answer and the questions can be based on topics that include pressure, moments, friction, acceleration, energy transformation, kinetic and potential energy, levers, pulleys and so on.

Employers can customise the questions so that they are specific for particular positions and roles and can vary in complexity. Questions for managerial roles or senior positions can be far more complex than those for more junior positions or entry-level roles.

Test scores reflect a candidates’ ability to solve mechanical problems quickly, which can be a skill that is greatly needed for many roles. Mechanical reasoning testing is a way to judge how quickly a candidate solves complex mechanical problems on the fly and is a skill that can be improved over time. Candidates can spend a significant amount of time prior to taking the test, practicing questions and honing their knowledge.

Online preparations for taking a mechanical reasoning test

There are plenty of websites where candidates can access examples of these tests. Developed by psychometric test writers, these practice tests are based on real world problems and are realistic questions that may be asked during a recruitment drive. Candidates receive the correct answers with detailed explanations immediately, helping them to identify any areas they need to revise.

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