Best psychometric assessment for recruitment in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne

At one time, all candidates needed to worry about when applying for a job was the interview, now however, they also need to prepare for a psychometric assessment. There are five of these assessments that are frequently used in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, so if candidates have spent time studying each type of assessment, they should have few problems on the day.

The five types of psychometric assessment that candidates are likely to be faced with are as follows.

Personality profiling: Some companies use a personality test to create a short list and others to find the best candidate from a shortlist, but all candidates need to do is answer honestly and they will be very likely to find a job that is perfectly suited to their personality.

Numerical Reasoning: These psychometric assessment tests are not designed to test a candidate’s skills at mathematics, but their ability to correctly interpret numerical data. For many jobs, numerical reasoning is not necessary, it all depends on the type of job and whether the company wants someone with these skills.

Verbal reasoning: This is a frequently used psychometric assessment and is designed to measure a candidate’s understanding and comprehension skills. There are a  variety of different verbal reasoning tests available, from being able to use the English language in the workplace to being able to think constructively, draw accurate conclusions, create written reports and convey information to others in a succinct and clear manner.

Logical reasoning: This is where inductive, deductive and critical reasoning are tested and features non-verbal content where candidates are required to interpret and manipulate numerical or graphic patterns. These are complicated assessments designed for specific roles where the candidate needs to present an argument based on specific evidence.

Situational judgement: This psychometric assessment is designed to test a candidate’s ability to solve problems in work related scenarios and is a common test that is used frequently by employers. The ability to think straight in emergency or tense situations is often a skill that employers desire in their candidates.

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