How to leave a memorable impression following a job interview

Whilst job hunters can expect to go through pre employment testing and a personality assessment during the recruitment process, there is also the interview to overcome. Some people clam up during interviews and others become overly effervescent, but if you want to be successful, don’t aim for middle-of-the-road, instead aim for memorable!

One of the most important behaviours that will be remembered long after your interview is how you treat people on the phone and in person. If you are disrespectful or impatient, you will be remembered, but not in a positive light and it can certainly have a negative effect on an interviewer’s final decision if you are not respectful.

Here are a few other tips for leaving a memorable and a very positive impression with your interviewers following your pre employment testing and personality assessment.

Dressing the part: Regardless of your age or gender, taking the time to dress well and showing your personality via your choice of outfit gives the interviewer’s a good first impression – that you are happy in your own skin and have confidence in yourself.

Arriving early: It goes without saying that being late for an interview doesn’t leave a very good impression with your prospective employers, whilst being early can help you to relax. When you are relaxed you can communicate much more freely with people and if effective communication is is one of the selection criteria, being early can even help you to win you the job!

Selling yourself: One of the first and worst questions for candidates is when they are asked to tell the interviewers about themselves! Since you know this question will be asked at your interview, make sure that you have an awesome answer ready! Speaking to your strengths and experience, as related to the role you are applying for with their company, will help you to be strides ahead of everyone else.

Answering with examples: If you are asked how you would deal with bullying in the workplace for example, use a situation that you have managed at your current workplace or think of a situation that might occur in your new role with their company and tell them how you would manage the situation. Answering questions by using examples is a great way to demonstrate your problem solving skills and is a strategy only used by the best candidates.

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