A short overview on abstract reasoning tests

At Urban Psychometrics in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, we often use abstract reasoning tests during the recruitment process. These tests are extremely helpful for employers because they are designed to measure how potential candidates identify and interpret patterns and trends in data and how they use this information to solve problems.

Essentially, these tests measure how well you can see the bigger picture by taking a piece of information and making informed decisions; some people call it ‘thinking on your feet’. As you can appreciate, this can be very important skill set for many jobs that require a certain level of intelligence, judgement and decision-making.

Employers who use psychometrics during their recruitment campaigns are increasingly asking us to include these tests in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. This means that you may be asked to sit an aptitude test before your interview or on the day of your interview. It simply depends on the particular employer and their preferences for the recruitment process.

Tips on sitting an abstract reasoning test

An abstract reasoning test is very visual, usually composed of a series of images, where you will need to identify the pattern or trend across the images. If you have been asked to sit an abstract reasoning test during a recruitment process that includes psychometrics in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, here are a few helpful tips.

  1. Don’t panic: Instead of panicking, you need to take a deep breath and start to compare the images so that you can begin to decode the pattern. Look at one element at a time, searching for a pattern in symmetry, angles, colours or directions for example, across all of the images.
  2. Time yourself: When you begin your test, take a look at the number of questions and at how much time you have to complete the test. Then manage your time accordingly, so that you don’t miss any questions.
  3. Practice! There are plenty of practice questions available online and once you are comfortable with these type of questions, you should breeze through them easily. It pays to practice lots of different abstract reasoning questions online until you no longer feel intimidated, instead you start to feel confident with these questions. This way you can relax and focus on solving the problems, instead of worrying!

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