How mechanical reasoning testing is conducted

Along with an aptitude test in Brisbane, some positions, particularly in the mining industry, require specialist knowledge and problem solving skills, so mechanical reasoning testing is a very popular option for many companies. These tests are similar to a cognitive ability test that also tests a candidate’s problem solving skills, but are more focused and tailored towards a particular field and skill set.

It is always a good idea to include mechanical reasoning testing for technical and engineering positions, and as with the regular cognitive ability test, the level of difficulty and complexity can be tailored towards the required skills for a specific role. In essence, this type of testing requires candidates to use specific mechanical or engineering principles to identify the correct answer to a problem.

Conducting mechanical reasoning testing in your organisation

To assess a candidate’s technical and problem solving skills in Brisbane, this type of aptitude test will need to be challenging. This can be achieved by either requiring completion within a short time frame or by subsequent questions increasing in complexity.

Multi-choice questions are the norm for mechanical reasoning testing, where the candidate will need to select the correct answer from a list of possibilities. Each question will only have one correct answer and generally, each question needs to be answered in 30 seconds.

The level of complexity and difficulty of the questions depends on the role, and as the role becomes more managerial or technical, the greater the required knowledge, which is reflected in the complexity of the questions.

At Urban Psychometrics in Brisbane, we will work with you to design an aptitude test that is sufficiently challenging for your candidates and we will also design a suite of mechanical reasoning testing assessments that are tailored to specific roles within your company.

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