The evidence for using a psychometric test during recruitment processes in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

The use of a psychometric test in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney has continually grown over the past few years with the majority of businesses now incorporating them into their recruitment processes. Clearly employers can see the benefits of employing an individual who is perfectly suited to a specific role, rather than someone they hope will do a good job.

If you are undecided about using a psychometric test in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney for your next recruitment round, here are 7 benefits you might not have considered.

  1. Equal opportunities: To overcome any accusations of favouring one candidate over another for nefarious means, such as by gender, race or cultural origins, a psychometric test is completely objective and would stand up in court.
  2. Lower training costs: With the increased costs of training staff, employers want to feel secure that staff will remain in their jobs, rather than leave after a short period of time. Psychometric tests help an employer to select candidates who are well suited to their roles, making it less likely they will leave due to lack of job satisfaction.
  3. Lower test costs: As the use of a psychometric test in the selection process has increased, the operating costs have dropped, resulting in the simple fact that the cost of these tests is no longer prohibitive to most employers.
  4. Lack of confidence in qualifications: Employers are now recognising that formal qualifications do not necessarily equate to an individual doing well in a certain role. This type of assessment can only be achieved with the use of a psychometric test, which is another good reason why their use is increasing across the board.
  5. Reduced litigation: With the increase in employment related litigation over the past few years, the use of an objectively based selection process that is founded on accepted principles, helps employers to hire staff who will blossom in their new roles. Happy employees with well-rounded personalities are less likely to become disgruntled in the workplace and less likely to take legal action for trivial issues that can easily be resolved in the workplace.

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