5 Reasons why Perth businesses are embracing psychometric assessments

In Perth, we have noticed that more and more businesses and large corporations include a psychometric assessment within their recruitment process. These assessments usually involve both an aptitude ability test and a cognitive ability test, ensuring that the businesses hire the most suitable candidates for their company.

This investment in psychometrics by Perth businesses is likely due to the recognition that mistakes can be costly and long lasting. If your business is preparing for a recruitment campaign and you are unsure whether a psychometric assessment would be of value to your company, here are 5 reasons why you can’t afford not to embed some form of aptitude ability test and cognitive ability test into your selection process.

  1. Easier ad writing: If you know the type of personality that is best suited to the role, you can write the ads to attract this type of candidate. Psychometrics helps you to identify the personalities that will suit the role and those that would be quite unsuitable, before you write the ad.
  2. Saves time: Interviewing lots of people, when most of them are unsuitable for the role is a waste of your valuable time. Psychometrics helps you to decline unsuitable candidates, before you even reach the interview stage.
  3. Increased employee satisfaction: When an employee is happy in their work and they are appreciated by their employers, the quality of their work and their output can improve. Happy and proficient employees are a huge benefit to businesses in Perth and psychometrics is paving the way for their continued success.
  4. Increased staff retention: Recruitment campaigns, retraining and upskilling are all costly endeavours for a business, which is why including an aptitude ability test and cognitive ability test in the recruitment process, helps businesses to hire long term employees who are happy in their role.
  5. Reduces interviewer bias: When only the most suitable candidates get through to the interview stage, interviewer bias is negated to a large degree. This means that poor candidates are not employed over more suitable candidates (due to interviewer bias), because the psychometric assessment has eliminated the unsuitable candidates prior to the interview stage.

If you want to include a psychometric assessment in your next recruitment campaign, call Urban Psychometrics in Perth on 07 38 or 03 6147 or get in touch today.