Why is candidate briefing prior to psychometric assessment so important?

New technology has seen the rise of some exciting advances in psychometric assessment, moving from paper-based testing to online administration and remote testing, and now into the realms of gamification. At Urban Psychometrics in Brisbane however, we have noticed that some of these technological advances present new challenges to employers and candidates.

Specifically, the popularity of smart phones used to complete a psychometric assessment or an aptitude test in Brisbane is causing some ongoing issues.

Why are smart phones a problem with psychometrics?

With mobile phones being our ‘go-to device’, more and more people are substituting their PC’s for their smart phone. Convenient, accessible and living in your back pocket, mobile phones are more a part of our daily lives than ever before.

It is easy to understand that when you manage your banking and payments, work appointments and scheduling on your smart phone, why wouldn’t you jump on your smart phone to complete the psychometric assessment or aptitude test your prospective employer has sent you?

What’s the problem with completing assessments on a mobile phone?

Unfortunately, what candidates don’t realise is that completing their online psychometric assessment or aptitude test on their mobile phone, may disadvantage them in the selection process. This is because, many of these assessments have not been designed to be compatible with mobile phones, presenting a whole host of issues that are likely to have a negative effect on a candidate’s results and deem the data invalid.

The solution is a phone call away!

Recognising that this has become a common problem in Brisbane, Urban Psychometrics ensures that each and every candidate is called before completing a remote, online assessment. These calls accomplish two goals. First, they establish a rapport with the candidate, and gives us an opportunity to explain the choice of the psychometric assessment and how it relates to the position.

Second, during each phone call we can also explain the importance of completing the assessment on a PC. When a candidate understands that using their PC will ensure that they are given the best chance to win the position and that the employer is given the most accurate results on which to base their decision, there is no problem with compliance.

Before you assess your next candidate, make sure that your psychometric assessment or aptitude test provider has briefed your candidate on the assessment process and the necessity of completing the assessment on a PC.

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