An overview of using a verbal reasoning test in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

At Urban Psychometrics, we often use a verbal reasoning test in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney as part of the recruitment process for our clients. These tests are designed to measure a candidate’s verbal analytical skills and are important to identify employees who can analyse written data and arrive at valid conclusions.

Employers like to use a verbal reasoning test because they are better at predicting a candidate’s job performance than other traditional methods of selection, such as an interview and CV. The verbal reasoning test we use in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane typically provides a paragraph of written information accompanied by a list of multi-choice questions that candidates are required to answer.

A verbal reasoning test can be combined with other types of aptitude tests, such as numerical reasoning, and inductive or deductive reasoning, as well as a personality test, depending on the needs of the employer. In the majority of instances, these tests are performed online and can be accessed by candidates at home.

Benefits of using a verbal reasoning test in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

  • These tests can be used to identify the top performing candidates early in the selection process.
  • Candidates are less able to ‘sell themselves’ to an employer, pretending that they are capable of performing the required tasks, because their abilities will be highlighted in the verbal reasoning test that we use in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney.
  • Professionals or graduates with specific qualities can be identified. For example, the ability to accurately draw logical conclusions from a variety of written and verbal information and communicate this information in a simple format is vital to the success of businesses in many industries.
  • With a verbal reasoning test, employers ensure that they only employ the right person for the job, and one who is competent in the required tasks.
  • Employee retention rates are reduced, because employees perform well in their jobs and are less likely to resign due to boredom or an ill-fitting position.
  • Recruitment and training costs are reduced, because employee positions don’t need to be filled as often, given that employees remain with their employers for longer.

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