Is a numerical reasoning test too complicated for most candidates?

We often use a numerical reasoning test in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne during the recruitment process for particular clients. These clients tend to be banks, accounting firms, consultancies and other professional service areas where a high level of numeracy is vital.

Unfortunately, we have seen many candidates becoming quite scared when faced with a numerical reasoning test in Melbourne for example, thinking that they are not good at maths. It’s good to know therefore, that these are not maths tests, but a simple test of numerical reasoning and if a candidate is good at verbal reasoning, they will have a good chance of doing well in these tests.

Features of a numerical reasoning test

Most of these numerical reasoning tests are multi-choice questions, where the answers are listed underneath the question and the candidate needs to select the correct answer. The majority of calculations are very simple and candidates can use a calculator, so they don’t have to perform maths in their head!

Depending on the client, these tests are usually taken online at an assessment centre and candidates need to answer as many questions as possible within a limited time frame. Questions usually involve percentages and proportions, fractions, ratios and interpreting data from graphs or tables. In many instances, a candidate will need to read a question and then transcribe the information into an equation before they can calculate the correct answer. If a candidate has high school maths, they should have no problems with completing a numerical reasoning test.

There are plenty of practice numerical reasoning tests available online, giving candidates the ability to refresh their numerical reasoning and increase their confidence in completing these tests. It’s advisable that candidates answer the easy questions first, moving onto the harder questions later. This prevents them from becoming stuck on one hard question, not giving themselves time to complete the easier questions before their time runs out.

The key for successfully selecting the correct answers is for candidates to be very precise in their calculations. This is because in a numerical reasoning test the list of multi-choice answers contains only one correct answer; the other answers tend to be answers given by candidates when they have made a simple mistake in their calculations. Numerical precision is often a skill that employers look for in a candidate, which is one reason why these tests are so popular.

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