Can pre employment testing help you retain staff?

Pre employment testing helps you to find the right type of employee to suit a specific role in your company, but can it help you to retain your employees? Whilst a good pre employment assessment identifies candidates that have the characteristics you value as an employer, keeping them happy over the long term involves more of a commitment from your company.

Essentially, you need to provide your employees with opportunities that help them to shine and feel fulfilled in their roles. Empowerment, working smarter, work-life balance and mentorships are all factors that can help employers retain good employees over the long term. Pre-employment testing is only the first step in this process.

Empowerment: Staff feel empowered when they feel strong, powerful and confident. If a manager can identify an employee’s talents and natural gifts and encourage their use at work, employees can feel extremely fulfilled in their roles. For example, an employee may be very creative, a good listener or extremely talented at developing new ideas. Some of these gifts may have been highlighted in the pre employment assessment, but if cultivated within their role can lead to long term empowerment in a job they love.

Working smarter: Simplicity and prioritisation are the foundations of working smarter, so if a manger notices an employee is swamped with work it’s a good idea to help them work smarter. Making a list of all their daily activities and prioritising each task will help employees complete their work faster and feel a sense of fulfilment. Organisation and time management are characteristics that can be picked up during the pre employment testing, but they can be honed by a competent manager.

Work-life balance: A sense of control in their work-life balance is essential for employee satisfaction over the long term and can be achieved in a variety of ways. Not taking work home, not performing non-essential tasks, taking plenty of breaks during the day and setting realistic goals are all strategies that can help increase an employee’s well-being.

Mentorships: Encouraging experienced senior staff to mentor junior employees is a win-win situation. Senior staff continue to feel essential and valuable to the company and junior employees benefit from the experience, skills and knowledge of senior staff. Over the long term, a mentorship program can also help to empower your employees, demonstrating ways to work smarter and how to achieve a positive work-life balance.

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