Using exit surveys to finetune a pre-employment psychometric test

Most employees are familiar with using a pre-employment psychometric test during the recruitment process, but few are aware that you can use information gathered from exit surveys to enhance and finetune your psychometrics.

Finding out why staff leave your employment can significantly assist you in understanding your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and identify any areas that need to be further developed to assist employee retention. Many companies have great success using exit surveys, but if you craft the questions appropriately and make use of the information, you can also finetune your recruitment psychometrics in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

It can actually be a circular process. For example, if you review the psychometric test used during the recruitment process for an exiting employee, you can design a survey that questions whether your company made use of the employee’s natural talents highlighted in the recruitment psychometrics. If this didn’t happen, then maybe the employee is leaving because he or she didn’t feel fulfilled or empowered?

This information can be used to finetune your pre-employment psychometrics in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to ensure that the candidate’s expectations are not only aligned with those of your company, but are also utilised to their benefit.

There are three steps to creating an exit survey:

  1. Craft the questions: Your HR department can work in cooperation with an expert in psychometrics to design a well balanced exit survey that feeds back into your recruitment processes and the way your company mentors employees.
  2. Design an exit interview: If the exit survey is to hand before the exit interview, you can ask leading questions to encourage the employee to expand on their answers. This is where you can obtain information that can significantly increase your retention rate, particularly if you weren’t aware of the problems highlighted by the employee.
  3. Investigate: Some of the employee’s answers might be quite uncomfortable to swallow, but if more than one employee leaves for the same reasons, then it must be investigated.

Psychometrics can play a significant role in both recruitment and retention of your employees, but it can also be used to find out why employees leave and can be used in a feedback loop to improve the pre-employment psychometric test used during your recruitment drives.

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