How can psychometric assessment help your employee selection process?

Psychometric assessment is designed to make your employee selection process flow more efficiently, and to help you select candidates who are suitable for a prescribed role.

While qualifications and experience are always going to be a large part of your selection process, the likelihood of selecting the most suitable candidate can be enhanced by incorporating pre-employment assessment.

Pre-employment assessment helps to measure a candidate’s fit with your business and their aptitude for the role. Together with an effective interview process, you can ensure the most suitable combination of skills, knowledge, abilities and personality traits to achieve your business goals.

Why is psychometric assessment important?

Far too often employers recruit candidates because they look good on paper, or because they have they have the ‘gift of the gab’ come interview time – only to discover, after time on the job, that they are not really suitable. This mismatch causes problems for both the employer and for the employee. However, this is the type of problem psychometric assessment can help to prevent. Pre-employment assessment objectively measures how well a candidate’s personality and cognitive abilities match the required role – giving you more certainty in your hires and saving you the cost of selection errors.

The best type of employee for your business has the qualifications and experience for the role, as well as the aptitude to cope with the role demands, and personality to fit with your businesses culture. Taking the step to truly pre-qualify candidates and match them to specific job positions in your business, helps you as the employer as well as the employee.

As an employer, psychometric assessment provides you with the added confidence that a new member of staff is more likely to integrate smoothly into your business and perform competently in their role. A well suited candidate is likely to ‘hit the road running’, giving your business the edge it requires. From the employee’s point of view, a pre-employment assessment helps to ensure an easy transition into their new role. Finding a job that seems to be a perfect fit means they are likely to feel appreciated, happy and part of the team.

Including psychometric assessment in your next selection process is one of the most objective ways you can identify candidate suitability and start building the best possible team for your business. After all, growth relies on finding the right people and pre-employment assessment is simply a tool to help you get there.