The benefits of using psychometrics in your recruitment process

Most of us have experienced working with someone who appeared to fit all of the criteria at the interview, but over time proven they were not as suitable as we had hoped. Without a crystal ball, there is nothing we can do to ensure with 100% certainty, that a candidate will be a perfect fit for the role. But, we can sway the odds, and significantly increase the chances of selecting a ‘gem’, through the inclusion of psychometrics.

Psychometrics are designed to make selection decisions much easier and more objective, by giving you the means to identify the fit between the individual and your business culture. Together with a well-designed interview process, this additional step can have a profound effect on your business – helping you to select employees whose values and interests align with your business.

Let’s take a look at some of the real world benefits of including psychometrics in your recruitment process.

  • Reduce costs associated with hiring the “wrong” people
  • Gather extensive information about candidates in a short time
  • Generate an above average pool of applicants on which to base your decisions
  • Identify the candidates that will add the greatest value to your business
  • Identify those with the greatest potential and “can do, will do” attitude who will comfortably integrate into your business
  • Gain specific insight into the development needs of candidates
  • More accurately predict an individual’s job performance

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