Identifying and encouraging team leaders using psychometrics in Brisbane

The use of psychometrics in Brisbane during both the recruitment process and post-hire is becoming more and more popular with employers who want to employ the right person for a specific role. These tests have proven to be extremely useful to employers, particularly for identifying the best candidates for management roles.

Using pre-hire psychometrics in Brisbane

A cognitive ability test (a type of psychometric test) is often used in Brisbane to identify candidates who excel in leadership and management roles and who can build a strong and cohesive team within a company. Specifically, people who score highly on these tests have the ability to think strategically and solve complex problems quickly.

Another attribute that is required in a good leader is emotional intelligence; people who can communicate, inspire and encourage employees to work effectively as a team. Unfortunately, qualifications and intelligence don’t always equate to good leadership skills. This is why candidates need to be tested during the recruitment process for both their emotional intelligence and their mental abilities using psychometrics in Brisbane.

Using post-hire psychometrics in Brisbane

If you already have a full complement of staff, you can still utilise the benefits of these tests to identify your best leaders and encourage their growth within your company. For example, a cognitive ability test and an emotional intelligence test can be used to help identify employees who should be promoted to leadership or management roles within your organisation.

For employees already in these managerial positions, psychometrics can be used to assess their current performance as a manager and whether there are any gaps in their skill set. With an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses (from an emotional intelligence perspective), employees can focus on making improvements within themselves and using their interpersonal skills to encourage and inspire others to work to their own best abilities.

At Urban Psychometrics in Brisbane, we offer a range of tests for both pre and post-hire situations. To identify candidates with good leadership skills during the recruitment process, we have an emotional intelligence test (MSCEIT) that gives a measure of their own self-awareness, self-regulation and how they relate to others on an emotional level. Post-hire, you can supplement the MSCEIT with additional questions that identify an employee’s strengths and weaknesses, with suggestions for making improvements. A cognitive ability test can also be used both pre and post-hire to assess an individual’s ability to solve abstract and complex problems on their feet.

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