Preparing for a psychometrics test in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane

Psychometrics tests are commonly used during the recruitment process in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as they help the employer to select the best candidate for the job. If your next interview includes these tests then don’t worry, just make sure that you follow our tips below and you should benefit as much as the employer!

Identify the right person for the job

The job description should give you a clear description of the role and the required qualifications and skills desired by the employer. However, it might also be of benefit to call the recruitment agency and find out more about the type of person the employer has in mind for the role. For example, do they need to keep calm in an emergency or be able to make decisions on the fly? This type of information will help you place more emphasis on specific attributes over others and hopefully get you over the line.

Research and practice psychometrics tests

We often find that in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, most people are new to psychometrics testing, so it’s important that you do some research and find out more about these tests. Many people assume that because they are good at maths or have a university degree, that they will pass these tests quite easily. However, since these tests are based on abstract, verbal and numerical reasoning and they are timed, you may well be faced with problems for which you are totally unprepared.

Make sure that you understand the differences between verbal, numerical and abstract psychometrics tests, the topics they each cover and familiarise yourself with multiple choice questions. There are lots of example questions online, so it’s a good idea to practice as many questions as you can to help prepare yourself for your test. However, remember that the complexity and the difficulty of these questions changes depending on the role. Just be sure that you are practicing the right type of questions for the role that interests you.

Additionally, these tests are designed so that only a small percentage of people actually complete all of the questions in the given time frame. The good news is that the scores for each question are the same, so run through the questions and complete all of the easy questions first, then backtrack (keeping your eye on the time) and attempt the more difficult questions. With this strategy, you can actually score higher by completing 10 easy questions than someone who only completes 5 difficult questions.

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