Should you include a cognitive ability test in your pre-employment testing?

In pre-employment testing, there are many important questions that need to be answered, which can’t easily be resolved during an interview. Of course, you can ask a candidate how quickly they can learn new tasks, but until they are actually put into a situation where they need to learn new tasks, you won’t really know how well they will do.

This is why in Perth, we include a cognitive ability test in our pre-employment assessments, allowing us to elicit a whole range of critical aptitudes from your candidates, which are essential to you as a company.

What are the benefits of using a cognitive ability test for Perth businesses?

Also known as general metal ability, an employee’s cognitive ability indicates how well they will learn new skills, respond to training and solve complex problems. A pre-employment assessment that includes some element of cognitive ability testing, has been shown to clearly predict the future performance of new candidates.

In fact, a cognitive ability test has been shown to be more predictive of work performance than either experience, qualifications or references. Which, if you still limit yourself to the ‘old-school’ type of pre-employment testing, means that you are quite possibly, not hiring the best employees for your business.

Including cognitive ability tests into your recruitment process will in the end, save you money in hiring and training people who turn out to be unsuitable for their roles. These tests are quick and easy to use and will identify the top performing candidates out of your pool of applicants.

Finally, one of the features of cognitive ability tests that appeals to many businesses in Perth is that it removes any bias from the recruitment process, and it works equally well for simple, as well as highly complex roles. In fact, for a multi-level role that requires a complex set of skills and the ability to problem solve on the fly, a cognitive ability test is just about essential.

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