Does intelligence predict a positive work performance?

It might be fair to say that most employers use a recruitment test that looks for a certain level of intelligence in their new employees, considering this an excellent characteristic in their staff. The problem is that intelligence alone doesn’t predict a positive work performance.

At Urban Psychometrics in Brisbane, we believe that an employee needs other personality characteristics, apart from intelligence, such as integrity, in order to keep their employer’s best interests at the forefront of their working day. For example, an employee who is intelligent, but who has low integrity and doesn’t have the best interests of their employers in mind is an employee who steals, who is argumentative with other employees or who doesn’t always play by the rules.

So whilst intelligence is necessary, an employee also needs other cognitive abilities, such as integrity and a willingness to work as a team, to ensure that they are suitable candidates for your business.

Using a cognitive ability test to screen candidates

One of the strongest predictors of work performance has been shown to be the cognitive ability test. In Brisbane, we use this type of recruitment test for all of our clients, and it has proven to be consistently accurate in predicting the value of a candidate to an employer.

This type of test has been shown to identify how quickly a candidate will fit in with your existing team, by predicting whether they are a team player, can think on their feet and fix problems on the fly, will sail through their initial training, as well as working towards the best interests of the company.

Using a range of psychometric and cognitive assessments, we can tailor a package of recruitment tests specifically for your business and the role you need filled. These tests will determine each candidate’s level of integrity, so that combined with high intelligence, you can employ staff that will help to grow your business well into the future.

We explain why we have chosen each of the assessments, keep you fully informed during the entire process and provide detailed reports of each candidate’s progress.

If you want to avoid employing the wrong people for your company, get in touch today or contact Urban Psychometrics in Brisbane on 07 3535 1220 for more information.