What do employers need to know about psychometric pre-employment testing?

Psychometric pre-employment testing helps organisations to recruit the best people for specific roles, even when finding skilled candidates can be quite a challenge. This is because a simple recruitment test is not enough to fine tune your selection process, and can result in hiring the wrong people for your organisation.

Hiring the wrong people is a waste of your time and when you consider the cost of your recruitment process, it is not a very effective recruitment strategy. This is why we recommend that you include a psychometric test in your recruitment process.

3 Benefits of psychometric pre-employment testing

  1. Less turnover: The cost of training new employees can be quite high, so any reduction in employee turnover is going to benefit your organisation. We have found that when you use a psychometric test in Melbourne at the beginning of your recruitment process, the interviewees will be the cream of the crop and will be less likely to leave due to being ill-matched to a role.
  2. Greater cultural alignment: Hiring employees who are aligned with your organisation’s culture and values, gives your employees a greater sense of job satisfaction, and your company benefits from loyal and productive employees. Psychometric pre-employment testing gives you the ability to pre-select candidates who will comfortably fit within your organisation’s culture.
  3. More potential: Whilst most companies recruit for a specific role, you can also use a psychometric recruitment test to hire people with potential for leadership within your organisation. In Melbourne, our psychometric tests can be used to identify particular candidates who have a specific personality trait that is conducive to a management or executive role. You can then use this information when you are considering employees for leadership development in the future.

A recruitment test that includes a psychometric test is not new, as this type of testing is quite common in large successful, multi-national organisations. The point is that even small businesses can benefit from using psychometric pre-employment testing to identify the best candidates for their organisation.

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