Which is best: Online or paper-based psychometric assessments in Brisbane?

In Brisbane, online psychometric assessments have dominated the industry for many years now, with the benefits of cost-effectiveness, efficiency and convenience driving the demand. Indeed, online aptitude tests and other psychometric assessments require fewer resources and save time, removing the need for face-to-face test administration sessions.

At Urban Psychometrics in Brisbane however, many of our clients still find that paper-based psychometric assessments are the best way to go in many circumstances, particularly when recruiting for bulk candidates. Paper-based assessments allow large groups of candidates to be assessed at the one time, and provide a much more personal experience for the candidate.

Psychometric assessment case study

Recently, we worked with a coal mine in NSW to help promote contractors to permanent roles. Since these candidates were already working on site, the client had a fair idea of the candidates’ abilities to perform in the role, based on their observations. Therefore, the client was more concerned with the candidates’ alignment with the organisation’s values, once these candidates relaxed into a permanent position.

Psychometric assessments, specifically a personality assessment, were incorporated into a broad recruitment process to assess the degree of alignment between the candidate’s motivations and attitudes, as well as the values the organisation would like its people to uphold.

A key consideration for the client was ensuring that the candidates completed the assessments within the stated timeframe, and around their current roster. They were also concerned for the older generation, who had indicated concerns around online technology.

While the evidence indicates equality between online and traditional paper based tests, the client felt the paper-based process would be better suited to this group, having easy access to support and help if needed. Also, considering the number of candidates and hence, the number of interviews taking part on site, it made sense to structure the psychometric assessments around the interview schedule.

The personality assessment was administered in groups of up to 24 people and assessments were scored and reported the same day. Psychometric results were integrated with interview performance and observations on the job. The client was able to make a decision and rank candidates that same day, to quickly move onto the next stage of the process.

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