When is a psychological report used during a recruitment process?

A psychological report or a psychology test is often used in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane during the recruitment phase for jobs in the police force, security industry and law enforcement agencies, as well as any other roles that require security clearance.

They are only one part of the selection process however, but can be invaluable tool in deciding whether the candidate is suitable for the role. Here are two of the more commonly used psychology tests that are used in Australia.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: This psychology test is frequently used in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane by government agencies to indicate how a candidate perceives the world and how they make decisions based on their perception. It doesn’t measure personality traits, instead it highlights a candidate’s preferences. For example, the 16 personality types are based on four fundamental preferences:

People and things vs ideas and information (E vs I).
Facts and reality vs possibilities and potential (S vs N).
Logic and truth vs values and relationships (T vs F).
A well-structured lifestyle vs one that goes with the flow (J vs P).

This results in a four letter code, for example ENTJ, and a professional practitioner can use this psychological report to match the candidate with specific roles or leadership positions.

Kolbe Index: This psychological report is designed to maximise an employee’s potential by identifying their natural talents and matching them with a role that requires these qualities. The results of this test indicate how well a candidate uses their instincts to prevent and resolve problems and how they respond to opportunities. It also indicates the candidate’s expectations, which helps the candidate to recognise if they are working against own interests.

Whichever psychological test is used, each is meant to answer a set of specific questions and an experienced practitioner can synthesize all the data from these tests to capture a candidate’s unique perspective on the world.

As you can appreciate, in positions that require a high level of security clearance, as well as in law enforcement roles, a psychological report that predicts how an individual will respond in certain circumstances can be an invaluable asset during the recruitment process.

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