Five key stages in the recruitment and pre-employment testing process

Many small businesses jump straight into the recruitment and pre-employment testing process without a clear idea of their needs. This makes hiring the right person more like a gamble, because with no clear job description for your new employee, they can become frustrated in their work, feeling unsupported and let down by their employer.

So let’s take a look at the key steps involved in the recruitment process, ensuring that you hire the right person for the job every time.

  1. What do you need? To successfully employ someone to fill a specific role in your organisation, you must know what you need. This involves looking at your current business goals and your available resources and crafting a job description for your new employee. It is not good form to keep adding tasks to an employee’s full time load, simply because you didn’t fully understand the role yourself, before starting the recruitment and pre-employment testing process.
  2. Write the job description: If possible, ask for input from other staff members when you are putting together the job description. This description must clearly outline the employee’s responsibilities and tasks, their hours of work and remuneration, and who they report to within your organisation.
  3. Selection criteria: Once you have the job description written, you can now make a list of the competency skills, experience and personal attributes of the new employee. You also need to select the people who will be on the selection panel. This is also the point where you can decide on the type of pre-employment testing you will include in the selection process, giving due consideration to psychometric testing to ensure that you find the right person for the role.
  4. Advertising the job: You will need to craft an advertisement for the job, identify the most suitable mechanisms to advertise for candidates, prepare the marketing tools and distribute these materials in a timely manner.
  5. Screening and selection process: This is where you initially screen applicants with the aim of creating a shortlist of suitable candidates. The pre-employment testing and psychometric testing you utilise at this stage of the process will ensure that the person you select is the best person for the job.

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