The cost of ignoring a pre-employment assessment

Do you make use of a pre-employment assessment in your recruitment drives? Many businesses agree that one of the biggest impacts on their revenue and profits is the quality of their staff. Recruit the right employees and your profits can soar, recruit the wrong employees and your profits can drop substantially.

Of course, the solution is to recruit the best employees. This however, is not always feasible, because the recruitment process doesn’t always include the appropriate tools to identify the right candidates for the position. The solution is to use a pre-employment assessment that allows you to not only examine their background, history, qualifications and experience, but also their suitability for the role.

If you are still unsure whether a pre-employment assessment is a suitable addition to your recruitment process, let’s take a look at the consequences of continuing to interview candidates using your current recruitment model.

The cost of hiring the wrong person for the role

When you take into consideration the overall costs of the recruitment process, all of the advertising and all of the hours spent on interviews, these costs add up to a significant sum. Normally, you would simply absorb these costs, because they are an integral part of the employment process.

When a few months later you finally realise that this person was not really suitable for the role, you also realise how much money you have wasted on the recruitment process. If you have spent even more money on training this person for their role, then as you can appreciate, even more money has been wasted.

All of this money could have been spent hiring the right person for the position, if you had used a pre-employment assessment during the recruitment process. Don’t forget that apart from the money spent on recruitment and training, there is also the impact on your other employees who have had to either take up the slack or work around someone who is not up to their job. This can have long term effects on employee morale, with a knock-on effect on your profits.

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