Lessons learned: How a background check and a personality assessment avoids hiring the wrong people

In today’s market place, competition for jobs, particularly those for professional positions is high. This gives businesses the upper hand, but one bad choice can put you two steps back instead of one step forward. This is why managers are taking advantage of a psychometric personality assessment and avoiding a disaster in the making.

 Why is a psychometric assessment in Sydney important?

It is not only the misrepresentation of qualifications and experience that is the problem, but an increasing awareness that some people are simply not suited for certain roles. Trying to identify the best candidate for a high level position can be very difficult, particularly when the position requires qualities that are sometimes difficult to gauge at an interview.

This is why more and more managers are using a psychometric personality assessment, in addition to the usual checks, to enable them to hire the right person for the job. By incorporating a psychometric personality assessment, managers are able to identify candidates that possess the personality characteristics necessary to succeed in the role. As experts in psychometric testing in recruitment, we know how important it is to hire people with not only the right qualifications and experience, but also the right personality fit for the job. This is why we have developed five simple steps any hiring manager can take to make the best selection decisions and avoid hiring the wrong person for the job.

5 ways to avoid disaster in the recruitment process

Selecting the right people can be as easy as following these 5 simple steps.

  1. Assess personality fit: Administer a personality assessment to measure the personality traits that are important for successful performance in the role. A psychometric assessment in Sydney can be administered in person or online.
  2. Check qualifications: It is well known that occasionally people lie about their qualifications, so the simple solution is to check their qualifications and make sure they are legitimate.
  3. Check experience: Talk about their experience, as qualifications alone do not equal experience. Probe for evidence of their previous performance by asking for examples of how they dealt with specific situations in the past.
  4. Check references: Always contact the candidate’s references and have a frank conversation about how well the candidate fit into their company and performed in their role.
  5. Check social media: As well as a psychometric personality assessment, many employers are now using social media to gain a more complete picture of a candidate’s character!

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