Pre-employment testing and how employers are recruiting in 2017

Recruitment and pre-employment testing have always been hot topics, however the way companies recruit new employees in 2017 has begun to change. Whilst a recruitment test is still used, it is more focussed on psychometric testing, ensuring that employees are psychologically suitable for a specific role, rather than simply qualified for the job.

Of course, this pre-employment testing can’t take place until candidates are identified. So whilst the actual testing has changed from a simple recruitment test to one that focuses on a candidate’s personal attributes, the way these candidates are found has also evolved accordingly.

Many companies might still use the age old strategies of advertising in print media, but more often than not, they use the internet to advertise for new employees.

Job Boards: These are still used by many businesses for recruitment purposes, as they allow people to upload their resumes and apply for jobs online. This brings both the employer and the potential employee together, and whilst pre-employment testing is still a necessity, the recruitment process is streamlined and more efficient.

Company Websites: This is one of the easiest ways for a large company to find suitable employees. A company can advertise one or more vacancies on their website and people can apply online, cutting the time spent on the recruitment process. Psychometric testing and a recruitment test are still required, but a business can save a significant amount of money by advertising on their own website.

LinkedIn: A new entrant to the job market, LinkedIn has become one of the most important recruitment platforms for finding new employees for professional positions. LinkedIn enables companies to easily source new candidates by advertising their vacancies on the site, followed up by suitable pre-employment testing. With nearly 400 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is not only a popular social network, but has become a major player in the recruitment industry.

Social Recruiting: You might not realise it, but both Facebook and Twitter have a role to play in the recruitment process. Many companies actually hire people via these two social platforms and with hundreds of millions of users logging on every day, social media recruiting is set to become a growing trend in 2017.

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