Using psychometrics in Brisbane to maximise safe workplace behaviour

At Urban Psychometrics in Brisbane and Melbourne, we have found that including an assessment of a candidate’s risk taking behaviour, greatly maximises a business’s ability to employ people who are responsible and avoid taking unnecessary risks.

This doesn’t mean that you will employ staff who are risk adverse and unimaginative, because at Urban Psychometrics in Melbourne and Brisbane, we recognise that the ability to take a leap of faith, to be creative and to be innovative are all positive qualities for many employers. What an employer needs however, is for employees to work within the workplace health and safety parameters and to effectively promote safe working behaviours at all times.

The problem is that some people are more likely to injure themselves at work or to be more complacent about safety issues than others. If employers can identify these traits in prospective employees using psychometrics, in Brisbane and Melbourne, as well as across Australia, they can actively streamline their selection processes.

Costs of workplace accidents in Australia

Safe Work Australia has shown that work related injuries and illnesses were estimated to cost $60.6 billion in the financial year ending 2009. Even more alarmingly, a typical compensation claim for a serious injury involves 4 weeks of sick leave and 25% of these require 12 weeks or more off work.

Clearly, reducing the incidence of workplace related injuries is vital for all concerned, which is why we offer an additional component to the usual psychometrics in Brisbane and Melbourne that will identify these safety risk factors in prospective employees.

What safety attributes can we identify in psychometric testing?

The ideal employee looks to both their own and their team mates safety and follows all safety procedures in the workplace. They avoid taking unnecessary risks, recognise the signs and consequences of fatigue or hazardous behaviours, and can recognise and report safety issues quickly.

These traits are easily identified using our expertise in psychometrics. In Melbourne, Brisbane and throughout Australia, we have many clients who have successfully incorporated these safety risk factors into their pre-employment assessments and are already reaping the benefits.

If you are interested in including safety testing in your next recruitment round, call us on 07 3535 1220 or complete our online enquiry form and get in touch today!