Why do we promote cognitive ability tests at Urban Psychometrics in Brisbane?

A cognitive ability test measures how well candidates comprehend instructions, sum up a situation and solve problems in the workplace. These cognitive tests help organisations to employ staff who are eminently suited for their role and for the challenges they may face in the workplace.

What is cognitive ability?

Cognitive ability is concerned with how well a person performs a variety of mental tasks, such as thinking, remembering, understanding and problem solving. In reality, your cognitive ability is not concerned with how much you know (it is not an IQ test), but with well how you carry out tasks, from the simple to the more complex. It is your reasoning, not your knowledge that is measured in a cognitive ability test.

Why use a cognitive ability test in psychometrics?

In Brisbane, we have found that identifying candidates with a satisfactory capacity for these metal tasks ensures that your employees are able to follow instructions and procedures, solve problems in the workplace, sum up situations and make sound decisions. Clear thinking employees – from operators to managers – help avoid ‘silly mistakes’ and poor choices that leave you frustrated with lost time and inefficiencies.

What is different about Urban Psychometrics in Brisbane?

The types of cognitive ability required for different jobs and situations differ greatly – our Psychometrics team can work with you to make sure that you use the right assessment tools for your circumstances. They can even develop profiles of the ‘perfect’ worker for different roles in your industry.

Did you know?

Cognitive ability is known to be the single best predictor of success at work – regardless of the job. [Source: Schmidt & Hunter, 2004]. This is why it is important to include a cognitive ability test in your pre-employment assessments, ensuring that you employ the best person for a specific role, every time.

At Urban Psychometrics in Brisbane, we include verbal and numerical assessments, as well as abstract reasoning in our cognitive ability tests.

Assessment What is measured? Business outcome
Verbal assessment
  • Ability to understand concepts
  • Ability to comprehend meaning
  • Vocabulary and basic word skills
  • Understanding of rules and procedures
  • Literacy

  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Lost time
  • Mistakes
  • Poor decisions
  • Errors of judgement


  • Efficiency
  • Performance
Numerical assessment
  • Basic mathematics ability
  • Ability to solve problems using numbers
Abstract reasoning
  • Problem solving ability
  • Ability to think clearly and make sense of complexity
  • Ability to remember and reproduce information


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